Meet Our Team

Amy Kemper

Vice President of Leisure Travel

I am responsible for ensuring we work closely with our vendors to provide the best experiences, that our team has the most current information and we make planning your adventure seamless.

Liz Karrick

Vice President, Finance

Liz has worked in travel accounting for 17 years and has been at TravelPlex since 2001. She truly loves solving any accounting problem and providing in-depth travel data and reports. 

Julie Goessling Matheny

Vice President - Corporate Sales

Julie is a dynamic, experienced travel industry professional who brings over 25+ years of travel experience to TravelPlex. She is responsible for sales and business development activities in the US. Her responsibilities include competitive analysis, target objectives and increase of revenues for new clients.

Norv Beffa

Vice President of Client Services

Norv has been in the travel industry for the past 25 years, and has served on various travel industry Advisory Boards.  In 2006, he was awarded the Presidential Award as one of the Top 10 Corporate Travel Executives by the National Business Travel Association.

Pam Ridgway

Accounting Assistant

Pam Ridgway brings over 42 years of travel accounting and finance to TravelPlex. She is in charge of all financial matters addressing the agency, and manages the accounting department.

Aleda Ackerburg

Travel Advisor

I have been with TravelPlex since October 1994: first as a corporate advisor, then an office manager and now as an independent contractor.

April Windmann

Travel Advisor

I joined the TravelPlex team in 2009 but have been a travel agent since 1999. I have a passion for booking leisure vacations to all destinations, and especially love booking romantic getaways and family trips.

Brenda Prenzel

Travel Advisor

Hi, I’m Brenda Prenzel! I joined the TravelPlex team in March 2012 although I have been working in the travel industry for 27+ years. My areas of expertise are Leisure Travel for Families, Groups, Destination Weddings/Honeymoons...

Carrie Willard

Travel Advisor

Hi, I’m Carrie Willard and I have been a travel agent since 2004; joining the TravelPlex team in 2009. I love to plan leisure trips to all destinations, but I especially love to help plan Honeymoons, Destination Weddings, European vacations and trips to Disney World.

Donna Oliver

Travel Advisor

I have been in the travel industry in various jobs for 48 years. I sold my agency to TravelPlex several years ago and stayed on to supervise operations.I enjoy working with the agents and sharing information that helps them grow.

Donna Seymour

Travel Advisor

Hello, my name is Donna Seymour and I have been in the travel industry since 1994. I specialize in group and leisure travel, including corporate incentives, national sales meetings, affinity groups and family vacations.

Helen Coracy

Travel Advisor

I get great satisfaction in listening to my clients' wants and desires, and then using my expertise to find and arrange a trip that meets and exceeds their expectations within their budget.

Jen Crew

Travel Advisor

I have been with TravelPlex since December 15th, 1997. My areas of expertise include Disney, the Caribbean, Mexico, Alaska, Cruising, Honeymoon/Destination Weddings, Central America, and the South Pacific.

Jessica Barber

Travel Advisor

I am thrilled to join the TravelPlex family...I have been researching and planning trips for friends and family for years and now I finally have the opportunity to help others plan their vacations.

Jessica Weeks

Travel Advisor

I have had the pleasure of being a travel agent since 2007; I joined the TravelPlex team in 2009. As a former teacher, I was excited to learn about the travel industry and have loved working with individuals and groups to plan their perfect getaways.

Judy Haas

Travel Advisor

I have been in the travel industry for 35+ years. Most of that time has been as a Consultant but my experience also includes 14 years as a Manager. My areas of expertise are varied as I truly enjoy all areas of travel.

June Siegerist

Travel Advisor

Hello, I've been a certified travel consultant for over 32 years, and with TravelPlex since 2001. I have traveled to all seven continents and India. I like working at TravelPlex because all of us help each other and share our knowledge.

Lesley Zapp

Branch Manager

Finding the best value with the greatest return is what I can offer to my clients, for any destination. I accepted a full-time position with TravelPlex as a Branch Manager when TravelPlex acquired B & A Travel Service in Carbondale, Illinois.

Linda Marcus

Travel Advisor

I have been in the travel industry for 35+ years. Having been in the industry as both an Owner and now consultant, I am well versed in both corporate and leisure travel.

Linda West

Travel Advisor

I am a specialist in Costa Rica after living there for three years, Hawaii after visiting 13 times, Disney World and Disney Cruises and other cruise lines.  I thoroughly enjoy arranging family vacations, honeymoons and other special trips.

Lisa Haden

Travel Advisor

The years of experience that TravelPlex and I share ensure that our clients will always have a dependable, enjoyable vacation.

Lois Lefton

Travel Advisor

Working in travel for the last 30 years has provided me with the opportunity to meet wonderful clients and see a large part of the world. My business is a combination of leisure and corporate travel.

Mari Schneider

Travel Advisor

I have been in the travel industry since 1981. Over the years I’ve built a large and loyal clientele and even have several 3-generation families who rely on me to help make their travel dreams a reality.

Michelle Hamilton

Travel Advisor

"Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer." I love that saying and feel it to be so true. I have been assisting travelers since 1999 and have a passion for Caribbean vacations.

Pat Ott

Travel Advisor

I started at TravelPlex in early 2012. For the past 30+ years I have focused on leisure travel, sharing my enthusiasm with clients to see the world.

Sherry Popelar

Travel Advisor

I have been fortunate to have traveled and experienced, first-hand, many destinations, such as Mexico, Caribbean, Hawaii, Europe, Canary Islands, Alaska and many different cruise ships' itineraries. I take great pride in consulting and helping my clients navigate the planning process.

Sheryl Bayers

Travel Advisor

I have always loved to travel and wanted to help people to fulfil their dreams of traveling. I have worked in the industry for TravelPlex since 2015. I specialize in Mexico, the Caribbean and Cruises.

Susan Novack

Travel Advisor

Hello, I’m Susan Novack. I have been a Travel Consultant for 13+ years, all of which have been for TravelPlex. My specialties are Costa Rica, the Caribbean and Europe.

Traude Wilson

Travel Advisor

Born and educated in Germany, I have been a travel agent since 1983. My travels take me frequently to Europe and especially Germany. In addition to my frequent visits, I receive continuous feedback and updates from business contacts, friends and relatives.

Wendi Sauer

Travel Advisor

I have been a travel consultant since 1995 and have been with TravelPlex since April of 2001. I truly enjoy working with my clients for their vacations to Disney, Hawaii, Mexico, Caribbean, Italy, Europe, Cruises, Family Travel, Destination Weddings, Honeymoons and more.

Amber Oliver

Corporate Travel Advisor

Amber graduated from the University of Missouri, and quickly dove head first into the travel business. She has spent almost her entire 12-year career with TravelPlex.

Connie Worley

Corporate Travel Advisor

Connie Worley is another TravelPlex veteran. Connie has been in the industry for over 30 years, and with TravelPlex the past 15.

Joannie Genne

Travel Advisor

Hello, my name is Joannie Genne and I have been in travel most of adult life. I am an inquisitive person and take pleasure in planning a business trip or a vacation for my clients to any and ALL destinations. 

Kathleen Altepeter

Corporate Travel Advisor

Kathleen Altepeter joined TravelPlex in 2021 with nearly 39 years of experience working in the travel industry.  Kathleen's experience in the travel industry is diverse, including working for a major reservations system in their training and implementaion team, to working behind the scenes in operations to being on the front lines of corporate travel reservations.

Rachel Arnold

Corporate Travel Advisor

Rachel Arnold has been in the travel business for over 30 years and her forte is maneuvering complex international itineraries. Rachel is one of TravelPlex’s VIP advisors, and ensures those travelers' trips run as smoothly as possible.

Susan Mellor

Corporate Travel Advisor

Susan is TravelPlex’s Manager of Concur Operations and assists TravelPlex clients with all Concur training, issues and any other outstanding questions.