Donna Oliver

Travel Advisor

I have been in the travel industry in various jobs for 48 years. I sold my agency to TravelPlex several years ago and stayed on to supervise operations.

I have expertise in several areas, however, my favorite places to talk about are Egypt, Peru, Vietnam, Cambodia and Africa. I enjoy working with the agents and sharing information that helps them grow.

In my free time, I like gardening, dog training, gourmet cooking and occasional trips to the casino.


In response to Donna’s assistance with a lost bag, plus her recommendations for tours and the use of Oyster cards . . .

Hooray and hallelujah! I called the terminal "Lost Property" department this morning and Bob’s carry on was there.  We took full advantage of our Oyster cards and went back to Heathrow.  The underground was 7 pounds per person each fare would have been 44 pounds each way.  Everything was there!  It looked like a tornado had gone through it but I assume that was airport security.  

No words to express how relieved Bob is.  Our trip for him has become much more enjoyable. We are really doing great with the Oyster cards and have LOVED London.   Thanks again for all the London hints you have given us and for what you did for our "lost" luggage. You are why we tell everyone we would not travel without a professional agent to tell us what and how to do things. Everything with Avanti has been great.

Thanks so much!  We thank you for something every single day that we travel.

Bob & Sylvia

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