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In the business world, service providers often claim to be customer-focused but only a small fraction actually deliver on their promises. Time and again, TravelPlex has shown that they live and breathe top-notch service across all their teams. Whether it be an individual traveler in need, an administrative assistant seeking an answer or an executive looking to understand where our money is being spent, TravelPlex has responded with first class service and support every step of the way. They truly represent what a trusted business partner is all about.


Brad O.


I have been working with TravelPlex for many years and I must say it has been a refreshing experience. Our travel needs often require instantaneous service, and they are always there for us. TravelPlex offers us great personal service, great pricing and a 24/7 hotline. To me, THAT equals a hat trick!

Donna L.


We have been a long standing client of TravelPlex and cannot begin to quote all the great comments I hear about their service. We were with a regional travel agency before and they could not hold a candle to the responsiveness, service and pricing that TravelPlex offers the university’s travelers, faculty and administration. As an educational institution, their international expertise is what truly stands out. I know they are proud of their longevity with clients, and that alone speaks volumes. If we were not extremely pleased with TravelPlex, we would not be with them.

Thanks for all,

Maria H.


Meadowlark Lemon letter


Professional and personal customer service, delivering business travel solutions I can depend on and a team I enjoy working with......that is TravelPlex! They are a rarity in today’s business travel scene as they deliver what they promise, and get back to me with any needs I have in a very timely manner.

Theresa L.


Our company has had the pleasure of partnering with TravelPlex since 2015. TravelPlex agents are experienced in both domestic and international travel, they assist us in monitoring compliancy to our travel policy as well as call out inconsistencies in our travel, and they make recommendations to help save our company unnecessary expenses. TravelPlex is a travel management company we can trust and we look forward to continuing our partnership.

Cheryl C.


My company has been with TravelPlex for about two years and I work with them on a daily basis. I can honestly see why they are the #1 agency in St. Louis. The website and Concur is user friendly; regular training is offered; the reports are beneficial, and the staff is amazing. No matter what request, big or small, they are always there to help with a smile on their face.

And what’s really important to me is that they always respond the same day! They have great relationships with local businesses and vendors to ensure you get the best prices on rental cars, hotels, etc. I would not look anywhere else if you are shopping for a great corporate travel agency.

Alex H.


We moved our business to TravelPlex a few years ago and could not be happier about it. TravelPlex has made several recommendations that have improved our travel experience and lowered our travel expenses at the same time. It is a true partnership because you can tell they truly care.

Keith P.


I want to compliment TravelPlex and all they do for us. We are big on technology and TravelPlex gives us the best tools that I can imagine. Their support of our Concur site, to being there 24/7, is a true comfort for ownership. We’ve been with TravelPlex five years and our travelers cannot imagine going on a business trip without them being there for us. A special thanks to their management team that does not know the words “no” or “we can’t”. That means a lot to us.

David G.


We’ve been with TravelPlex for over 20 years. The lone exception is when we left them for (a mega travel agency). It took us about a year before we realized that the personal service and attention that the TravelPlex staff provided just wasn’t there with (the mega agency). Neither was the savings (the mega agency) promised. We were so low on the totem pole that we were lucky if we ever had anyone contact us. But at TravelPlex, the staff always goes above and beyond to make sure we get the best prices and that our travelers are always taken care of. TravelPlex makes all our travelers feel like VIP’s, and that’s important – and rare!

Marcia N.