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Why Use A Travel Advisor

Debunking Some Common Myths

Many travelers use the following five excuses when asked why they don't employ the services of a travel advisor. While the Internet has allowed our society to move to a do-it-yourself environment, rarely have people actually saved time or money by trying to be their own travel agent. People always wish they had called a travel advisor when something goes wrong. And we all know that with travel, things can go wrong. The following are the top five excuses we hear why people don't utilize a travel agency.

Excuse 1: "I can do it faster"

Reality: An experienced travel advisor can book a flight, check for web-fares on all the websites and airlines, reserve a hotel and book a car in three to five minutes! It takes an average person that long to type in all the information on ONE website. It they want to check another website for comparison, add more time. It takes the average person 38 minutes for a complete travel reservation. Add roughly five minutes for each additional web site checked.

Excuse 2: "I don't want to pay any agency fees"

Reality: It was documented over 1,500 times in a 2011 study by JD Power & Associates that the average savings a travel advisor can return to a traveler is $68. This is obtained by the lowest airfare (including Internet rates), lower hotel rates, and contracted car rates. If someone offered you a $50 savings for a $10 to $25 fee, wouldn't it be worth it?

Excuse 3: "I can find lower fares on the Internet"

Reality: An internet company cannot survive offering their services for free. Where do they get the millions they spend on advertising? They charge higher prices and lead travelers to their preferred vendors. This ends up costing the company traveler a lot more than a travel agency fee. As noted in the last answer, travelers are paying an average of $68 in higher prices and hidden fees, and they don’t even realize it.

Excuse 4: We don't travel that much

Reality: If your company travels more than once a month, a travel management company can save you money. Not using a travel management company could be costing your company more than you realize.

Excuse 5: "It's easier to call the (airline, hotel, car company) direct"

Reality: Repeated studies by numerous companies have proven that less than 22% of the time will airlines actually give you - the direct customer - the lowest fare. And why should they – you trust them to give you a good fare and are coming directly to them. Travel advisors can find lower fares than those offered by the airlines 78% of the time. Agencies have discounts with hotel and car companies because we drive tens of thousands of reservations to them annually. If you doubt any of the aforementioned claims, let us know. We have a number of people who would be willing to tell you of their debacles booking travel without the help of a travel advisor. You probably know a few yourself who can validate what we are saying.