We at TravelPlex take pride in helping our clients maximize the potential of their travel programs. In order to help us best service your travel needs, we have provided a “check list” of items which will help us ensure that your travel program is up to date. While some of these items may seem very elementary, it is important that you review this list every 6 months to keep your travel program and your travel profiles current and pertinent.

• Updating all travelers’ profiles

- Travelers should review their profiles at least once a year to ensure that emergency contacts, reward programs, cellular phone number, credit cards, etc. are up-to-date.

* NOTE- Following the Continental/United merger, United’s Mileage Plus program has recently been updated and all travelers should now have a new frequent flyer number. Please remind your travelers to delete their Continental number and update their profile with the new United number in order to continue to receive frequent flyer credit on their future United flights.

Company airline rewards programs

- If you are the administrator of your company’s airline reward program, please pay attention to your account statements to monitor your balance and the expiration date of your points. If you would like assistance in using these points, please contact TravelPlex and we can offer suggestions to maximize the value of these programs within your company’s policy.

Travel Policy

- Because travel policies are always changing, it is important that you provide us with your most current travel policy so we can help you manage your program. If you would like us to review your policy to ensure it is up to date, please let us know. An effective travel policy is the primary driver of your company’s travel savings.

• Credit cards

- Please make sure that your Company Credit Card and expiration date is current.

• Rates and Contracts

If you have negotiated rates with car companies and hotel properties, it is important that we have those contracts loaded into our reservation system. This allows our travel counselors to have automated access to your rates and allows your travelers who are booking on Concur Travel to see and choose the negotiated rates.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions. It’s the goal of every one here at TravelPlex to help make our clients’ travel programs the best possible. If there is anything we can do to improve the service we provide you and your company, please let us know.

All of us at TravelPlex thank you for your partnership.