When our elected officials could not agree on a budget for our country, there was only one thing that was going to happen. And it did. Last week our government effectively “shut down”. Joe Brancatelli of The Business Journals does a great job highlighting how this will affect travelers – today and as long as this government insists on this lunacy. Although written as an editorial, Mr. Brancatelli does a great job pointing out how travel will be disrupted.

How the government shutdown will be bumpy for road warriors

By Joe Brancatelli of The Business Journals


Although we rarely think about it, our lives on the road are heavily dependent on government bureaucracies and functionaries who grease the literal and metaphorical wheels of travel. The federal government runs the nation's airspace, inspects the nation's commercial aircraft, employs the agents who inspect us and our bags before we can fly, checks our paperwork and luggage when we return from overseas and produces the paperwork that ensures that we can leave the country in the first place. And the federal government oversees the national parks that offer us physical and emotional succor after long weeks of stressful business travel.
So what will be opened and what will be closed when the government "shuts down" for hours or days in the next few months? How will business travel be affected?
To be honest, no one really knows. I direct your attention to the yeoman efforts of CNN, which has compiled an admirable chart about the shutdown's impact. The problem is that it is often wrong when it comes to travel. Worse, at least as of Tuesday morning, government agencies hadn't posted open/closed information on their respective websites. Worst of all, however, if the government slides into technical default later this month, no one on the planet fully understands or can predict how that will affect non-governmental matters as basic as exchange rates for the U.S. dollar against other currencies.

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