If you are like most travelers, there is always that haunting question of whether or not you got the “best” airfare, hotel rate or car rental price. If you are using a travel management company, there is a very good chance that you are. But what about when hotels and car companies drop their prices due to lack of demand AFTER you’ve already booked. What happens then? Well, TravelPlex is about to make your inquisitive mind very happy….

Within the next few weeks, TravelPlex will be launching brand new technology that will scrape and monitor any price drop in air, car and hotel prices. The Rate Reduction Finder will scan the GDS every 8 hours and if a lower rate is found the reservation is sent to the booking counselor where the lower rate will be captured. An updated itinerary notifying the traveler of the new lower price will be issued. These rates are monitored up to the day of departure.

When was the last time a hotel called you to advise you your nightly room rate dropped $15? Or that your car rate just went down $6? In initial test trials, the Rate Reduction Finder is finding lower car fares 40% of the time! And lower hotel rates 25% of the time.

So for all you travelers that think you can save a few dollars by booking through the Internet, think again. TravelPlex will always find you the best prices. And that should make those haunting questions go away.