For years, TravelPlex have been assisting our clients with their preferred hotel negotiations. As industry technology has progressed, we have kept an eye on the emerging tools available that can assist with our client’s hotel needs.  

This past year, Ms. Kathy Stirmlinger, TravelPlex’s Director of Hotel Operations, has identified new technology now available to us in order to simplify the hotel negotiation process.  

TravelPlex is proud to announce that we will launch RFP-Finder in the coming months. This tool will help us unite corporate travel buyers with hotels to efficiently solicit, negotiate, finalize and audit their corporate transient hotel programs.

RFP-Finder offers simplicity and value to both hoteliers and travel buyers. It provides the transparency travel managers appreciate as well as the flexibility required to service hotels of all sizes. RFP-Finder streamlines the negotiation process, and allows all transient hotel negotiations to be managed in a single place without phone calls or spreadsheets. The technology is easy-to-use and web-based, providing 24-7, global access for users.

A few of the key benefits of RFP-Finder include:

  • Leverage negotiated rate benchmarking by travel destination/city
  • Efficiently access over 130,000 hotels worldwide
  • Streamline the hotel RFP process by keeping information in one central location
  • Deliver an HTML corporate hotel directory to all your travelers and employees
  • Download all negotiated rates into a client’s Concur database (if applicable)
  • Allow pre-qualified competitive bids to find new properties to add to your program
  • Upload historic rates for immediate year-over-year savings reporting
  • Access an extensive suite of reports and exports

For more information and pricing on TravelPlex’s HotelRateFinder, please contact Kathy Stirmlinger at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..