If you’ve watched a news program or read a newspaper in the last few weeks, you’ve already heard about the Galaxy Note 7s cell phones being banned by all US (and most international) air carriers. The reason; the phones have been found to be explosive once they reach a specific altitude.  

Last week, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration took steps to ban all Samsung Galaxy Note 7s from airplanes. The FAA has even threatened it will bring criminal charges and / or assess fines against passengers who ignore the new regulation.

The ban went into effect on Saturday, October 15. It will apply to any carry-on bags as well as any checked luggage. The new regulation will be implemented on both domestic flights and all international flights to and from the United States, regardless of the carrier. Phones also may not be shipped as air cargo.

The ban comes a little more than a month after federal authorities issued guidance recommending passengers avoid putting Note 7s in checked luggage. However, the Federal Aviation Administration generally said it was OK to have phones in the cabin, provided they were switched off and that did not charge during flight. Airlines were charged with making a reminder announcement to passengers before every flight.

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