With the holidays quickly approaching, we at TravelPlex wanted to provide you with some tips for traveling during this season. While travel at this time of year can be stimulating, complete with excitement (that’s one of the words you can use) to see family and friends, it can also be….. challenging. Airports and roads are busier than usual, and you must remember that travel in November and December is much more different than the other 10 months.

To help you navigate your way through the holidays, travel wise, we have compiled a list of some tips to make your adventure a little easier. Many of these are a given, but just in case there’s someone out there that doesn’t know the “book early for holiday travel” rule, we thought we’d mention it. A few others include;    

Plan to arrive at the airport at least two hours early. Giving yourself this margin will pay off in reduced stress, something all of us need at this time of year

Travel light. Nabbing a cab is difficult at the best of times, and lugging around heavy suitcases won’t make it any easier. 

Carry essentials, including any medications you use, in your hand luggage. You never know when your luggage will be delayed. It could take days before you and your bags are reunited. 

Call the airline for flight status before leaving for the airport. Departures and arrivals are often delayed during the holiday season. Or, view your flight's status on various travel apps.

Keep copies of your travel information in a safe place. It’s wise to have multiple copies of your itinerary with you, including downloaded on your phone. Remember, ALWAYS carry photo identification with you. 

Do not carry wrapped gifts in carry-on luggage. Gifts may need to be inspected by the TSA at security check points and rest assured, wrapped items will be unwrapped. Either check gifts in your luggage or leave them unwrapped and easily accessible. You can wrap them upon your arrival.

Follow the airline's rules for carry-on baggage. When planes are full - as will be the case during the holiday season - airlines will insist that extra carry-on luggage or oversized bags be checked. 

If traveling with oversized items such as golf clubs or skis, check with the airline ahead of time regarding their requirements. Make sure your name and telephone number are noted. There is a service where travelers can ship larger items ahead of time, and have the item(s) waiting for them upon arrival. For more information, go to https://www.luggagefree.com

Don't drive to the airport. Roads are usually congested during the holidays. Ideally, have someone drop you off; otherwise, take a taxi. If you need to drive, remember that as a TravelPlex client, you are entitled to a discount at The Parking Spot. Contact a TravelPlex counselor for a coupon or additional information.

On behalf of all of us at TravelPlex, we hope you have a very safe and blessed holiday season. Our offices will observe Thanksgiving (November 24th), as well as Friday, November 25th so that employees may enjoy this time with their families. If there is a travel emergency, please contact our After Hours Emergency Support.