We at TravelPlex want to alert you to a change in the process of booking a Southwest Airlines ticket in Concur Travel. While this will not affect reservations until May, many travelers book their travel well in advance, and this could / will affect these travelers. Please read below the changes that travelers booking Southwest in the Concur Travel tool could incur: 

Southwest Airlines is migrating their reservation system from their existing Sabre-based platform to an Amadeus platform. Concur has worked diligently with Southwest for the last 6 months on migration testing to keep the level of disruptions for clients to a minimum.

The migration will impact the direct connection to Concur Travel for any bookings that traverse the migration cutover date. Southwest has announced that the final cutover date will be May 9th, 2017.


Neither Southwest nor Concur can manage one reservation (PNR) in two different backend reservation systems (both Sabre and Amadeus). Note the following:

Travel in Concur Travel via Southwest Direct Connect is unaffected in the following two scenarios:

  1. Travel is initiated and completed prior to May 9th (both outbound and return are completed before May 9th)
  2. The reservation is initiated and completed on or after May 9th (both outbound and return take place on or after May 9th)


If a user / arranger attempts to book travel in Concur Travel that includes or traverses the May 9th  date (like the outbound is prior to May 9th and the return trip is on or after May 9th), an error message appears, indicating that the trip cannot be booked.

Flights that include or traverse the May 9th date must be booked in two separate transactions in Concur or directly at https://www.southwest.com.

The new Amadeus system will accept ticket funds from the current Sabre SAAS system as a form of payment. The two systems both use the same ticket repository on the back end to determine credit availability.

If you or your employees have any questions, they may contact a TravelPlex counselor and we can assist them with their reservation.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this transition period. Knowing both Southwest and Amadeus, this should be a smooth and seamless transition. We hope you have a great week!