Every year, we at TravelPlex like to offer our readers with a list of top summer destinations since this is THE time to travel with families, couples – young and old, and independent explorers. The response to our destination advice has been very positive, and we have been asked by many of our readers to make this a quarterly topic. So, at the request of our readers and clients, we would like to present TravelPlex’s list of top summer destinations for 2017. Immediately following our suggestions, you will find USA Today’s suggestions. Some are duplicate ideas, but they are all great.

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So, with no further ado, and with help from a number of TravelPlex leisure counselors, we would like to present our top summer getaways.

  1. CAMPING – Yes, believe it or not, camping. What is the saying – “everything old is new again”? Camping is gaining popularity as many parents with younger children try to bring family time back to vacations. The great thing about these trips is the fact that most campgrounds are outside cell tower reach! Campgrounds these days come in all types and sizes. Most offer full hookups and cable TV.  There are thousands of campgrounds throughout the US and Canada that are within easy driving distance from almost every city. Campgrounds have evolved into destinations, providing amenities such as pools, courts, workout rooms, games and even sites with private hot tubes. If the aroma of a campground doesn’t conjure up hundreds of great childhood memories, you can always listen for the animals at night. Some of your family’s most memorable vacations may just be a product of a good old camping trip.
  2. SAN FRANCISCO - A collage of eclectic neighborhoods and incredible views, the city by the bay offers something for everyone. Whether it’s a trip across the bay to Sausalito or Muir Woods; riding a cable car to the marina and a baseball game, or people watching near the famous bridge, San Francisco offers jaw-dropping sights of one of America’s top cities. Lose your heart, but discover great memories, in the city by the bay.
  3. NEW YORK - Cool, cosmopolitan, crowded, clean, and constantly evolving, the Big Apple blends big-city splendor with small-town charm. Visitors experience a lively culture soaking each of the city's distinctive boroughs. The East Village and Brooklyn offer great boutiques and trendy coffee shops. Afterward, enjoy the shopping lining Fifth Avenue; catch a memorable show on Broadway or sit down for a meal at the latest "it" restaurant. As the most populous U.S. city, New York requires stamina. There are infinite ways to occupy your time in the city that never sleeps, but before you leave, stop and look around. What you’ll see today will change into something bigger and better tomorrow.
  4. ORLANDO / Disneyworld – This city is a fantastic vacation for all family members – young or old. With five theme parks, two water parks, Downtown Disney and much more, there is something for everyone here. You will find all Disney parks are very clean and well laid out, with lots of places to take a break for a meal. Accommodations range from on-site hotels to 4 bedroom homes with pools. If you have children from three to 13, this is a MUST trip.
  5. WASHINGTON DC –Long burdened with a reputation as a stuffy government-driven town, Washington DC is often seen by outsiders as slow and inefficient. However, our country's capital is crammed with a new energy and converting into an exciting East Coast (family) vacation destination. The District offers a host of renowned museums and interesting neighborhoods. You can choose a traditional D.C. adventure, filled with tours of classic attractions like the White House and the Washington Monument, and the Smithsonian's Natural History Museum. Don’t forget to peruse the high-end stores peppering Georgetown, or rub shoulders with savvy Washingtonians at the many bars and music joints crowding the U Street Corridor. While you'll only need a few days to see the city as you know it from your history book, it could take months to experience the Washington DC that today's locals know and love.
  6. CARIBBEAN CRUISES - The culture and colors of the Caribbean come to life the moment you step onboard a cruise ship. Greeted by heart pumping, you and your companions will know this will not be another boring vacation. Cruises are like an all-inclusive resort where a new island pulls up to your window every day. Whether it’s St. John or St. Thomas; Aruba or Cancun; or even a day at a private beach, cruising is growing in converts every year. And while many times it’s the men who balk at a cruise vacation, it is usually the men who realize cruising can be as relaxing – or active – as one chooses. And, there are non-stop activities for children of all ages. Another huge selling point is that there is no cell phone service. You can thank us later…..

A few other ideas for a family trip include Boston; Los Angeles, Chicago, Denver; Destin / Pensacola, and Branson (yes, that Branson!).

Click here to view USA Today’s top summer destinations

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