The past few months, we here at TravelPlex have been asked quite often as to the status of Missouri driver’s licenses and whether the REAL ID Act will be an issue for Missouri residents. While we are monitoring what is going on in Jefferson City, we have yet to hear anything definitive on the final signing of the bill. We do know that the bill designed to ensure Missourians will not be denied access to airport TSA security checkpoints and federal buildings is currently sitting on the Governor’s desk. 

TravelPlex's President, John Heimburger (who is also the St Louis Area Chapter President for ASTA) along with many of the ASTA members from around the State of Missouri, have been working with lawmakers to ensure this gets signed into law.  Hopefully, sanity will reign. But…. if it does not, Missouri residents will need a passport to fly to any state in the U.S. Let this be a possible warning. As soon as we hear anything either way, we will notify all TravelPlex clients.

As we noted roughly six months ago, the U.S. State Department is warning the public that there is a backlog of passport applications. Summer travel overseas is always very high, and over 40% of all passports issued by the United States occur in the spring. Additionally, passports themselves are going to change in appearance.

What we need to add to this story is many people do not realize that some countries will not allow U.S. citizens into their country if your passport is set to expire within 6 months of your date of entry. Some countries employ a 3-month time frame, while others use a 6 months schedule.

The bottom line is that if your passport expires within the next 9 to 12 months, you had better start the process of getting it renewed. The last thing you want is to have that perfect European river cruise ruined by the fact you can’t go because your passport is about to expire. The U.S. State Department has a website you can visit to see how many months of validity is left on your passport before you can enter the country. Please check it out.

Click here to access the State Departments website