If you travel, there is a very good chance you rent a car while on a trip. As we speak with various clients, we’ve come to realize that many people think that booking a full size car is the best way to ensure a larger car. Yes, you spend an extra few dollars, but many travelers feel renting that larger car provides a wee bit more room.

However, there is a little secret we at TravelPlex would like to let you in on. If you register for an Emerald Club membership with National Car Rental, you can book a mid-size car and receive a full-size car - or larger. You get to bypass the rental counter and proceed to the Emerald Aisle. There, you pick whatever car you want. Not only will you save the company a few dollars per day in the rental cost, but you’ll drive a nicer car. In the last few months, I have rented a mid-size car and received a Ford Taurus; Nissan Altima; a Hyundai Sonata; and in Los Angeles, a Ford Explorer with 15 miles on it. You also earn either free car days or frequent flyer points.

If you are not an Emerald Club member, simply access the link below and start earning some nice travel perks. Once you have your Emerald Club number, go to your Concur profile and add the number. Or, if you call TravelPlex for your travel reservations, advise your travel counselor and they can add it into your traveler profile for you. It’s that easy.  

To sign up for your free membership, access the link below, or call National Car Rental Access Member Services at 1-800-328-1234. Happy travels to you and we hope you enjoy the comforts of a larger rental car.

Click here to join National Car Rental's Emerald Club