If you are one of those travelers who have yet to decide on whether a TSA Pre Check enrollment makes sense for you, the latest news from the Transportation and Security Administration might make your mind up for you.

The main advantage – besides shorter security lines – is the ability to keep you shoes on and your laptop in your briefcase / carry-on. TSA just announced that, starting this week, travelers can keep their liquids and laptops in their bags. Shoes will, for now, still need to be removed.  Historically, liquids and laptops had to be removed from bags for separate inspection. Now, utilizing computed tomography (CT) technology, TSA screeners will have a better picture of what is contained in a carry-on bag.

There are roughly a dozen airports where this technology will be employed, including; Baltimore-Washington International Airport; Chicago O’Hare; Houston Hobby Airport; Los Angeles International Airport; Philadelphia International Airport; San Diego International Airport, and (drum roll please) St. Louis Lambert International Airport.

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