Busy Airport

We wanted to alert all TravelPlex clients to the possible delays and cancellations at various airports throughout the country and the need for all travelers to check with the airline as to the status of their flight. This is due to staffing issues at several airports, including Atlanta, LaGuardia (NYC), Newark and Philadelphia.

The Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) has made the decision to halt or delay flights into these three airports because of staffing concerns. Typically, these are temporary measures and involve ‘gate and/or taxi holds’.

One strategy being deployed, similar to ground stop operations during bad weather, is that flights are held or delayed at out stations to manage traffic flow.  The overall goal is to provide a safe operation.

The airports are not closed. Delays are likely and travelers should be advised to monitor their flights and arrive earlier than normal to the airport.

We at TravelPlex are monitoring this situation closely and will send out updates as needed.

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