December 2014

Ancillary Fees To Rise On Peak Days
Hilton And Marriott Changing The Rules
American / US Airways Frequent-Flier Programs Merging in Spring
Top Air Traveler Frustrations
Free Smartphone Apps for Killing Time

November 2014

Travel Tips for the Holidays
Gas Prices Are Down. Why Aren’t Airfares Down?
Frequent Travel Programs For Non-Travelers
Five Ways To Maximize Frequent Travel Programs
Southwest Airlines Integrates AirTran Programs

October 2014

Five Ways To Maximize Frequent Travel Programs
Keeping Your Mobile Devices Protected
American Airlines Changing Checked Bag Policy
Security While You Travel
Add A Vacation To Your Next Business Trip
TravelPlex's Memorable City: New York City

September 2014

Fewer Travelers Have Favorite Airline
Airport Security Wait Lines Down
United Serving Real Food on Flights?
Easy Exercising Tips While Traveling
25 Top Fall Getaways

August 2014

Government OK’s Airlines “Bait & Switch” Pricing
Best and Worst Airports For Delays
Top 10 Reasons A Travel Counselor Beats The Internet
Travelers Tiring of Useless Loyalty Programs
Latest on the American / US Airways Merger
TravelPlex’s Memorable City: Chicago

July 2014

Airfare Pricing “Bait and Switch” Still Alive
Six Tips to Monitor Expense Report Abuse
Travel Managers Tightening Travel Policies
Airfare Myths Refuted
United Announces Changes to Reward Program
TravelPlex’s Memorable City: Denver

June 2014

Full Disclosure of Airline’s Ancillary Fees On The Horizon?
Guide To Additional Airline Fees
Southwest Finalizes Mobile Boarding Passes
Hilton Hotel Launches Two New Hotel Brands
TravelPlex's Memorable City - Minneapolis

May 2014

Airport PreCheck Security Screening Numbers Growing
Top 10 Ways to Maximize Your Travel Points
Going to New York? Tips on How to Snag a Cab
The “Friendly” Skies? Survey of Best And Worst Airlines Service
Unused Travel Points? You Can Make a Difference
Add Tahiti to Your Bucket List

April 2014

TSA Pre-Check Center Opens in Chesterfield
The Seven C’s Of An Effective Travel Policy
Southwest Expanding To California & Washington DC
TravelPlex’s Memorable City: San Francisco

March 2014

Airline Mergers: Good For The Customer?
Southwest To Complete AirTran Integration By Year End
Delta Changing Their Frequent Flyer Program
Secrets To Getting Travel Upgrades
TravelPlex's Memorable City - Houston

February 2014

The Legal Issues Of Booking Travel on The Internet (and “Open Booking”)
Airlines: Behind The Scenes Look at Weather Delays
IRS Decreases 2014 Mileage Rate to 56¢ Per Mile
AA Eagle and Delta Airlines In The News
TravelPlex's Memorable City - Tampa

January 2014

Study on Traveler Safety
Face To Face Meetings Too Important
1964’s Vision of the World In 2014
Expensive U.S. Cities To Travel To
iPhone 5’s Can Text on Southwest Airlines
Approval of In-Flight Cell Phone Use Is Retracted
TravelPlex’s Memorable City: Los Angeles