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Corporate Services

Client Service

A primary liaison will be assigned to implement and manage your travel program.

Analyze travel spending and identify areas for improvement.

Assist with policy development and vendor negotiations.

Ensure your complete satisfaction with our services.

 Dedicated Agent Team
A team of dedicated advisors will be assigned to your travelers. 
Emergency 24x7
 Complimentary emergency service.
Traveler Assistance

Complete toll-free, after-hours assistance, 365 days a year.

Up-to-the-minute information on delays, cancellations and airport conditions.

Collect calls accepted from international locations.

Exclusive Airline ticketing options
Traveler name change available on airlines – Airline fee applies. 
Group & Meeting Travel  Assistance in site selection, event management, registration, vendor negotiations and travel arrangements. 
Low Fare Guarantee 

 We find our customers the best airfares via BookingBuilder Technologies, the most comprehensive internet scraping fare search engine available today.

Car & Hotel Automated Rate Tool
Monitors existing car and hotel reservations every 6-8 hours and checks for any price drop in car or hotel rates Over 100 customizable reports, including a credit card reconciliation report
Online Booking Options 

Opportunity to take your travel program online via Concur Travel (TravelPlex is honored to be a select Partner in St. Louis).

Complete assistance with design, implementation and adoption/traction of your online program.

Ability to manage travel pre or post trip.

Extensive cost saving reporting capabilities.

Give your travelers the freedom of booking on the Internet while ensuring policy adherence; lowest prices are booked and data is captured

TravelPlex’s Emergency After Hours service is also accessible

Passport & Visa Services 

Advice on visa, security and health requirements for overseas travel.

Provide application forms and instructions, upon request.

Real-time Travel Alerts & Updates 

SafeToGo provides a mobile app for your travelers and a corporate application that allows your management to locate and connect to them.

Access to security alerts including extreme weather, natural disasters, transportation problems, health hazards, and security threats to the traveler and administrator.

Access to travel itineraries, flight arrivals, departures and delays, gate information, airport maps, car rental confirmations, hotel check-in, etc.

TravelPlex Advisor  Monthly newsletter featuring timely industry articles and news. 
Unused Ticket Tracking 

Management of your unused tickets ensures losses (if any) are tracked and always kept to a minimum.

Our advisors and online tools notify your travelers when an unused ticket exists that they can use, saving you money.

Monthly reports are supplied that will keep you up to date with all your unused tickets.

VIP Travel  Enhanced service and amenities for your top executives.
Web-based Travel Surveys A fast and easy way to measure traveler satisfaction and resolve service issues in order to prevent their recurrence.