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Information is critical to the success of any travel management program. The ability to gather and analyze data is a must for travel managers and senior personnel alike to immediately address policy compliance issues and strengthen vendor negotiations with airline, hotel, and car rental suppliers.

TravelPlex offers our travel partners over 25 customized travel management reports in either an Excel or PDF format. While many of the benefits of the reports are outlined below, the number one advantage is the ability to identify and quantify savings associated with your travel budget. You have a choice of receiving accurate, timely management report information in the traditional manner (at month end) as well as ad hoc reporting available through your Account Manager.

TravelPlex provides fast, flexible custom reporting and allows graphing and graph types on the same report from multiple data sources. Pre and post trip data can be included on the same report, plus access to any ODBC compliant database such as T&E, on-line booking or internal accounting databases. Many of the reports include origin and destination reporting by trip or by market with over 58 million city-pair combinations with mileage and segment values. Reports also include graphical Executive Summaries offering a “30,000 foot view” of your company’s travel program. These are ideal for keeping the “C level” management in your company updated and apprised of the company’s travel spending.