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We at TravelPlex wanted to update our customers on the latest about the coronavirus scare. Travelers are wise to take the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak seriously, but there are a handful of facts to consider before canceling any travel plans or ruling out travel entirely.

For one, the World Health Organization (WHO)—the world's authority on public health—continues to advise against any travel or trade restrictions to countries experiencing COVID-19 outbreaks.

coronavirus, travel alert

We wanted to give you an update on the coronavirus situation. The three largest U.S. carriers recently announced that they have fully suspended flights to Mainland China in light of the State Department's elevated travel warning amid the coronavirus outbreak.

American Airlines on Friday announced it was suspending all operations to and from Mainland China through March 27 and that it would "continue to evaluate the schedule for March 28 and beyond and make any adjustments as necessary."


As you know, the Coronavirus is spreading rapidly throughout China and is now affecting global travel. We wanted to update you with the most current information.

Here’s what we know so far:
• Three cities in China are under quarantine: Wuhan, Huanggang, and Ezhou.

Hilton, Tempo, corporate travel

Hilton has decided it’s time for Tempo. The mega hotel operator has announced that its 18th brand will be an “approachable lifestyle brand curated to serve a growing segment of modern achievers.”

The first Tempo will open in 18 to 24 months. The goal is to grow rapidly once openings begin. All hotels will be newly built because of some “atypical” room design features.

Due to the expected static cost of crude oil, the U.S. Internal Revenue Service has lowered the rate used to calculate the deductible costs of operating an automobile for business purposes in 2020.

The standard mileage rates for the use of a car, van, pickup or panel truck will be 57.5 cents per mile driven. This reflects half a cent lower than the 2019 rate.  

flight delay, holiday travel

As we approach this time of year, we must expect possible travel delays as part of the “travel experience”. While delays can disrupt travel plans, there are a few things you can do to minimize the impact on your trip.

Here are some steps you can take to minimize the pain of being delayed - if you act quickly. Here’s how to get your travel plans back on track the next time you encounter a delayed flight.

MO Real ID

I recently decided I would get a jump on what will surely be a last minute surge of people racing to get the REAL-ID drivers licenses. While you have a year before your current driver’s license will not be valid for identification at any major US airport or government installation (October, 2020), don’t delay your attempts too long.
The following are tips to heed to avoid my mistakes. I learned the hard way, and it took me two trips to the DMV to receive my new license.

airport security, TSA PreCheck

Often times TravelPlex travel advisors are asked what we would do if we were to chose between TSA Pre-Check, Global Entry and Clear. The following breakout provides a very easy way to decide which of the three options might be best for your personal travel needs.

No real big surprise here, but higher airfares could be on the horizon as oil prices jump following the weekend drone attacks on a Saudi Arabian oil facility. Oil prices rose 10% right after the attack, and it will take weeks, maybe months, to get the facility back to full capacity.

According to an industry insider, "If the recent spike in oil prices were to be sustained or if oil continued to move higher from here, the airlines will look to aggressively raise fares."

MO Real ID, drivers license

With little more than year to go, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is ramping up public awareness for Real ID. A new nationwide campaign is reminding travelers not to wait until the last moment to apply for the TSA compliant state issued driver's licenses and IDs.

Beginning October 1, 2020, only a Real ID or an equivalent ID such as a passport will be allowed in order to fly. While that is still over a year away, it may be easy to put it off and convince yourself you’ll get to it soon. Don’t wait!


Losing your passport is a nerve racking experience, whether you're at home or already traveling.

The following article provides directions for effectively dealing with this situation. It walks you through what you need to do, as well as the associated forms involved.

iPhone apps

If you travel for a living – or even just for fun – one of the most important things to have at your disposal is a really good travel app. While many of you are familiar with the TripIt app, there are some who have yet to try this time saving app for themselves.

That is why TravelPlex is proud to announce you may subscribe to TripIt Pro for one-year and pay only $29! That is 40% off the regular rate of $49 a year.

Couple Booking Travel

DO YOU READ ONLINE TERMS AND CONDITIONS WHEN BOOKING TRAVEL? You might want to if you book hotels online. 

As with a lot of online purchases, there is always some fine print, but hoteliers have taken it to the max.

Southwest plane

As Southwest and American Airlines continue to deal with grounding of the 787 Max airplanes, we feel communication from the airlines is crucial in letting the traveling community know how the airline is performing and working around the grounding issue.

Below is a message from Southwest Airlines regarding the Boeing 737 Max airplanes:

Business Meal

Every year, we at TravelPlex are asked by most of our corporate partners for the latest in travel per diems and hotel rates. The following information will contain rates on average hotel rates; average car rates and average meal costs, all broken down by city.


Finally! The news all Missouri travelers have been waiting to hear. Missouri has passed a law enabling the state to offer licenses and identification cards that will comply with stricter federal identification requirements under the federal Real ID Act.

Applications for the new licenses will be accepted as of today (March 25, 2019).