Finally, a beach that is friendly to people with disabilities!

Congratulations to the government of Mexico and municipal president Remberto Estrada Barba for making it so much easier for people with disabilities to enjoy the beach in Cancun. This fully equipped beach, Playa Las Perlas, has ramps and beach chairs so everyone can now be included in a trip to the beach. This was a project to bolster tourism to Mexico, but in reality, it’s so much more.

I’m hopeful that this might be the start of a great trend in modern resort planning. Travelers with disabilities and the elderly that need a little help walking, will be able to enjoy that beach that we might otherwise take for granted.  Thanks ,Mexico, for being first!

Following is an article that provides further details of this property...

First Fully Accessible Beach Comes to Cancun

By Janeen Christoff for Travel Pulse

Traveling with a disability requires a lot of extra logistics, but things have gotten a little bit easier in Cancun.

Equipped with ramps, beach chairs and other features, Cancun has opened its first fully accessible beach, Playa Las Perlas, making a visit to the ocean inclusive and enjoyable for all.

The beach was an important project for Cancun’s municipal president Remberto Estrada Barba.

“Cancun must be a multicultural, inclusive and accessible tourist destination and city that receives all people, regardless of economic, social or physical condition,” Estrada Barca said at the start of construction.

He echoed those sentiments in a statement regarding the opening of the beach:

“This administration has promoted social tourism for the people of Cancun since those who care for the heritage of all Mexicans also have the right to enjoy. For this, the needs of all people, especially the disabled and the elderly, must be taken into account so that they can reach the beach to enjoy the sea and the facilities."

The beach has an 18-meter-long ramp that stretches from the parking lot to the shore to make the beach easy to reach. There are also amphibious chairs to assist visitors with special needs on water walks.

This step is sure to encourage travelers with disabilities to feel more emboldened to travel to Cancun. The city follows several other announcements from companies around the world that are working to enhance accessibility for their visitors.

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