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TravelPlex's Memorable City: Washington DC

Mar 7, 2016

Washington DC 36928632 sThis month, TravelPlex takes you to our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. One reason Washington D.C. is popular as both a business destination and a vacation city is because the city has an unmatched collection of free, public museums and many of the nation's most treasured monuments and memorials. Whether it’s visiting the National Mall, complete with its blanket of cherry blossoms in the spring; the Smithsonian; or any of the many famous memorials (Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson, WW II or the Vietnam Monument), this city stands as a testament and a beacon of the world's wealthiest and most powerful nation.

D.C. has long shed its former reputation as a boring and dangerous city and it now has shopping, dining, and nightlife befitting a world-class metropolis. Travelers will find the city to be exciting, cosmopolitan, international and ever changing.

Whether you are hob-knobbing in Georgetown, exploring one of the world’s most fascinating institutions – the Smithsonian – or any of the other incredible sights Washington D.C. has to offer, we’re sure you’ll come away with a stronger sense of our country and its incredible history.

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