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TravelPlex's Memorable City: Boston

Jan 7, 2016

iStock 000021997308XSmall1BOSTONJanuary’s Memorable City is unforgettable for a number of reasons, and if you’re a Cardinal fan, the painful memory of October, 2006 is still fresh. That said, Boston is still a very popular travel destination for St. Louisians. We’ve all grown up studying famous historical events and figures such as Paul Revere; the battles at Concord and Lexington; the infamous Boston Tea Party and the USS Constitution. And how can one speak of Boston without mentioning Harvard and the Kennedy’s. What baseball fan hasn’t dreamt of hitting a ball off – or over -the “Green Monster” at Fenway Park?

For your next visit to Bean Town, we’ve assembled a few of Boston’s lesser known charms - hidden gems that most out of town visitors never see but are worth an hour or two of your time. Follow along with writer Leigh Harrington as she takes you to her favorite Boston stops (Writer's Tip: If you like Italian food, no trip to Bean Town would be complete without a visit to La Famiglia. With three locations around Boston, you’re sure to find one. And the food…. Fantastico!

Let TravelPlex help you make Boston your memorable city in 2016. Tacking on a few days to your next business trip to visit Martha’s Vineyard is a great way to spend a weekend. For more on everything going on in Boston, contact your TravelPlex counselor, or read what Leigh Harrington has to say about Boston's hidden gems.

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