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TravelPlex's Memorable City: Las Vegas

Nov 2, 2015

Las VegasThis month’s Memorable City is Las Vegas. If the names of such cities as “city of light’s”, or “the city that never sleeps” weren’t already claimed, Las Vegas would certainly be entitled to them.

Las Vegas, roughly translated, means “the meadows”. Located just west of the older downtown area, there is a series of natural springs that is now called "the Springs Preserve". Pioneers would stop at the springs on their way west. Today, Las Vegas is an ever-changing fantasy-land of a city and has seen unbelievable expansion since it emerged from the desert in 1905.

The sights and sounds of Las Vegas are enjoyed by millions of visitors every year, be it those attending a convention, on business trips, or couples and friends looking for a city for a good time. The city offers some of the most glamorous, unique hotels in the world. It seems five-star restaurants and expansive buffets are at every corner. Visitors can play at casinos, cool in pools, relax at health spas, laugh in comedy clubs, enjoy elaborate shows and get away from all of the above at over 15 golf courses.

Those who visit Vegas are always amazed at the sheer number of things to see and do. A little advance planning will help you to enjoy your Vegas trip. If you have a full day to commit to a tour, we strongly recommend visiting the Grand Canyon. If this is not on your bucket list – add it.

For a “locals” list of the top 12 things to do and see while visiting Las Vegas, access the following link:

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