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TravelPlex’s Memorable City: Los Angeles

Jan 13, 2014

Panoramic view of Los Angeles city skyline at nightStaying true to our “warm weather” destination theme, TravelPlex finds our memorable journey taking us to the city of lost angels, or, Los Angeles.

More commonly known as LA, the city offers both business and leisure travelers an incredible destination. If you are looking for a great place to hold a business meeting, locals will be impressed if you take them to The Hobbit in Hollywood. It is one of THE top restaurants in southern California. However, one cannot visit LA without sampling THE best hamburger known to man, available only at the In-And-Out restaurants that speckle the So Cal landscape. LA is never short on things to do, whether it’s a concert, a play, professional sports games, theme parks or other entertainment venues, you’ll be well taken care of 365 days a year. And the weather? Well, just think about that 1972 song that talks about how “It Never Rains In Southern California”. (Trivia question: WHO was the recording artist? A: Albert Hammond)

It was difficult to find a great reference to direct both corporate and leisure travelers to. However, after reviewing roughly a dozen websites, we feel Discover Los Angeles offers the best and most complete visitor's guide. A traveler can find precise information based on the area in LA where one finds themself. Orange County, Hollywood, Southland area, the city, Pasadena, etc. So if your boss tells you tomorrow that you “have” to leave the confines of the winter Midwest and go to southern California and its 70 degree weather, be comforted in the fact that you’ll have the perfect guide to help you enjoy your stay.

For more detailed information on hotels, and the best prices and options on airline flights and car rentals, let TravelPlex help you arrange your next trip to Los Angeles. For more on how to enjoy all that is LA, contact your TravelPlex counselor at 314.569.1900, or READ MORE …

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