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TravelPlex's Memorable City: Pittsburgh

Aug 7, 2015

Memorable City Pittsburgh 34577862 sThis month’s Memorable City takes us east to the Steel City, better known as Pittsburgh.

What many outsiders don’t know is that Pittsburgh is also known as the “City of Bridges”, boasting over 446 bridges. Pittsburgh has also been named America's “Most Livable City” by Places Rated Almanac, Forbes, and The Economist. National Geographic and Today named the city a top world destination.

This is no longer the dirty steel town of the 1970’s. Pittsburgh and its downtown area have blossomed and it is now a true renaissance city. A city of modern cathedrals and Old World, neighborly charms, complete with high-tech companies, friendly people, and good sports teams. Pittsburgh offers fun and adventure around every corner.

For a list of the top 10 things to do and see while visiting the Steel City, click on the below link...

Top 10 Pittsburgh Must-See Attractions