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TravelPlex's Memorable City: Seattle

Jul 6, 2015

Seattle 37031426 sThis month’s Memorable City takes us to the great northwest and the city of Seattle, Washington. Seattle, more commonly known to the locals as The Emerald City, is a city woven together by many neighborhoods. Most visitors view Seattle as an urban, outdoorsy, artsy city, where rain is a usual nuisance to be dealt with. It rains between 150 and 200 days a year, but because of this, the city offers plenty of things to do inside.

It's difficult to think of Seattle as anything but natural. After all, the city owes much of its appeal to its natural features—the numerous hills offer views of mountain ranges and plenty of water. Outside of the downtown area and other smaller commercial cores, Seattle's neighborhoods fan out in a web of tree-lined streets. Immense parks like the Washington Park Arboretum, Discovery and Magnuson parks make Seattle one of the greenest cities in the country.

Taking a stroll, browsing a bookstore, or enjoying a cup of one of Seattle’s numerous coffee brands can feel different in every one of Seattle's neighborhoods. It's the adventure of exploring that will truly introduce you to the charisma of Seattle.

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